Baby & Me Programs at the CCHAT Center

The parent, infant and toddler program offers training, guidance and support to parents of the very youngest deaf and hard of hearing children while teaching them the foundation for their child's speech and language development. The Baby & Me Program is designed to educate parents on how to help their child develop their auditory awareness and spoken language through everyday life experiences. Participation can start immediately after early diagnosis. The Baby & Me Program is held once a week for 1-2 hours and involves infant and parent participation. Also included are individual speech, language and auditory therapy, cochlear implant and hearing aid training, parent education and a parent support network.

The parent infant program works hand in hand with every department in our center so that your infant receives a comprehensive education. Our goal is to have a consistent team devoted to your infant's care and education. Your team of advisors, teachers and medical professionals will have an open communication with your family and will always have your infant's best interest in mind.

The Parent Infant Program is

  • For parents of infants newborn to 18 months of age with hearing impairment.
  • Parent-focused, child-driven and center-based.
  • Free of charge and includes audiological education and management.
  • Built around your child's team: You, your Deaf and Hard of Hearing Parent Infant Advisor, Audiologist, Otologist, Speech Language Pathologist and Local Early Intervention Provider.
  • Staffed by Parent Infant Advisors who hold advanced degrees, are deaf education certified and are highly skilled in listening and spoken language practices and strategies.

For more information on the Parent Infant Program or to schedule an appointment, please contact us by phone at 916-361-7290 or by email at

"As parents, our reaction to our daughter's hearing loss was shock and disbelief. In the midst of dealing with all the natural parent - child bonding and relationship building, we were confronted with having to meet Stella's additional hearing needs. We were also confronted with struggling to understand the nature of her hearing loss and the myraid of emotions created by her diagnosis. Dealing with this news was sudden and at times, surprising. This was not an easy task for us to face and it has forced us to search for untapped strengths. As a family, we have gained strength, courage and confidence through our CCHAT experience. It's unimaginable where we'd be without the support and guidance of CCHAT." -The Jordanoglou Family